About Us
Who are we?

I've been involved in communications for thirty or so years, first as a science writer at Brookhaven National Lab and later at the University of Rochester. I next worked as a technical editor of software books. I'm showing my age when I admit we used a clunky Unix-based formatting program to produce the pages, and in 1984, several colleagues and I founded and ran a computer book publishing company. Now as a Web site developer, I realize there's been a consistent theme throughout my career: Like solving a puzzle, I must wade through the jargon, study the technical details, and find the underlying message to communicate it clearly and simply." -- Janice Wormington

"I was trained as a physicist, but I've never worked in that field. I founded a CAD workstation company in Rochester, and later managed an oscilloscope division of several hundred people. When I kick back over coffee, I reminisce about the good old days, toggling the switches on an ancient DEC or IBM minicomputer." -- Brian Wormington


We are business people, too, and we know that your time is money. With our computer and communications expertise, we offer an unusual mix of business savvy, communication skills, and technical expertise.

What do we offer?

We build Web sites that are an intelligent mix of content, graphics, and programming, tailored to your business needs.

You know your business or organization should be on the Web. With an effective Web site, any garage-based business can look as big and impressive as a Disney or a General Motors. Even more important than looking good is the chance to generate business leads, open new markets, increase sales, and provide customer service quickly and economically. The question is, How do you do it?

The Web is a low-cost marketing tool that has become as mandatory as a catalog or a brochure. But to be successful, the website, like any business, must be based on need, competitive advantage, and the costs and benefits of the technology applied.

Make the site work for you

We will guide you through the following steps to develop a Web site:

First, we work with you to define your primary business goal in having a Web site. Is it to make direct e-sales, obtain new customers, serve your current customers, or something else?

Next, we ask, How will you use the resources of the Internet to achieve your goal? Who do you want to visit your site? What do they want and how will you satisfy them? The customer has come to your site and you've got perhaps only a few seconds to grab and keep his attention. We must assure that the message is clear, and that the visitor finds the information he wants.

Web site visitors are impatient with a pure sales pitch and a boring presentation. We work with you to give them a reason to visit and revisit your site. A poorly designed Web site can damage your company’s image as surely as a bad ad, and dealing with these questions at the start will help both to determine the design process and to guarantee a well-designed Web site that can accomplish your goal.

As designers, we develop sites that balance these three elements:

    • content • performance • appearance

Too often, Web sites are cute or entertaining or, worse, confusing and pointless. That’s because Web site design is hardly a mature industry and most of its practitioners have migrated from other disciplines. Those with programming expertise tend to emphasize performance; those with advertising backgrounds tend to emphasize content; and graphics people, naturally, focus on the appearance.

Last, but not least, we offer advice and training, if necessary, to maintain the site. Regular updating and maintenance of the site is crucial, for if you don’t follow through on queries and customer feedback, you're not only wasting your money but you may even be doing harm by alienating customers. As with any investment, you must support it. That means assigning and training one or more people inhouse to respond to customers’ requests and to update the contents to keep it dynamic and to enhance visitor traffic.

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